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Dec 9, 2013 4:30am EST
county schools are closed. also in virginia, manassas city, manassas park, spotsylvania county, culpeper county schools are closed. >>> alexandria schools opening two hours late, so are those in frederick county, maryland. a complete list scrolling at the the bottom of your screen now. you can feigned that list at as well. >>> it could be a long morning if you have to head out today. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein begins our coverage, our time coverage, this half hour, tom. >>> good morning. i'm happy to report that much of the wade spread freezing rain we've had since last evening has broken up a lot. we just have scattered, light freezing rain. now these areas in pink advancing southwest to northeast. areas in green, that's some light rain now falling in much of prince george's county, charles, calvert, the eastern shore. further north and west, prince william, fauquier, much of fairfax county getting some light freezing rain. many of those locations have had about a tenth of an inch of ice and much of loudoun county as much as 0.3 of an inch of ice, a little
Dec 2, 2013 5:00am EST
york city for an hour and a half. in july a freight train derailed close to the spot of yesterday's derailment. no one was hurt in that i incident. in may a track worker was hit and killed in westhaven. that same month a train derailed and struck a westbound train. 72 people were hurt. one of the people killed in yesterday's crash was headed to midtown manhattan to work on the upcoming christmas tree at rockefeller center. james lavell was an audio technician for the "today" show. at 7:00, the "today" show will remember him. also, new york governor andrew cuomo will be live with the latest on this investigation. >>> happening today, public safety leaders in virginia will spend their last meeting of the year talking about a big issue in northern virginia. the state crime commission will talk about a new law aimed at cracking down on cigarette smuggling. last week news 4 i team took you undercover inside the markets smugglers are making big money taking advantage of the cigarette tax and then selling them at a higher price in other states. at today's hearing leaders will recommend a
Dec 8, 2013 6:00am EST
think a lot -- i heard tommy wells the other day. he's puffing up the fact that the city has corruption. well, you know, they do have some problems, like any place else. but he is using this as campaign talk. bowser, again, using it as campaign talk. the thing that gray has going for him is his base. he still has a base in this town, a very strong base. and in addition to that, he pulled on another base and that is development. >> dave if, the mayor is not charged with anything, do you think all these other candidates will stay in the race? >> that's a good question. you have to wonder, what was their calculation in getting in? either gray would be wounded by some charge or that he wouldn't be able to run and this is a shot for me. but they're in now. i mean, at this point in time, based on my reporting, i'm not getting a sense that anybody wants to drop out. but it's going to be -- but it's going to be a hot race. let the games begin. but the games have changed. it's going to get hot for mayor gray out there. they're going to focus on his -- these suppositions or suspicions of what's g
Dec 2, 2013 4:30am EST
-9 for the season. they host the kansas city chiefs next sunday. >> it's been one of those seasons. maybe we'll just look forward to next season. >>> let's check the forecast. so far so good, chuck. >> a couple of things you'll notice. that's really crowdy. do i need the umbrella? you don't. you don't need that at all. it's not that cold outside. temperatures now had mid to upper 30s in the suburbs. 39 degrees in falls church this morning. your you monday morning looks this way. temperatures in the 30s now, into the low 40s by 8:00. mid-40s by 10:00 a.m. this morning. a lot of clouds but not much of anything in the way of a rain chance. that's just about average for early september. >>> if you're traveling in charles county waking up, good morning to you. nice and clear. nice and clear taking it from accokeek, nothing but these little green cars. no delays, no accidents. traveling along 301. a live look. as you travel northbound at the split for 5, no accidents there the. as you continue your trip on i-66, your commute is coming up in ten minutes. richard? >> melissa mollet hases a story from the li
Dec 8, 2013 10:00am EST
city. he is joining us live now. good morning, david. >> good morning, angie. >> traveling to south africa to pay their respects to mandela, four u.s. presidents. how significant is their presence? >> it's a huge symbol of what he meant to america and the impact that he had not just on america but the rest of the world. it's been written about overnight and it's significant to say that unlike dr. martin luther king jr. or gandhi, mandela was able to live long enough. he wasn't killed. he was able to see the fruits of that struggle to reach the presidency in south africa and truly a descendent figure because of his personal virtue and our presidents paying tribute to him only magnifies that. >> and over the past few days we've heard so much about his extraordinary story and the life that he led. there really isn't another figure like mandela now to compare him to, right, david? >> no, there isn't. the arc of his life and international acclaim that he received, the era in which he lived. we live in an information age where all of one's shortcomings would be excessed more than perhaps
Dec 8, 2013 9:00am EST
of the city had the first glimpse of the storm before everyone else. that's where we sent news 4's derrick ward. he continues our news coverage from prince william county. derrick, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are in manassas. when we got here, maybe half an hour ago, there were flurries coming. since then it's lightened up a bit. it's barely perfeceptiblpercept. there is snow falling. virginia has been out since 1:00 am yesterday treating those primary and secondary roads. if we take a look at this road surface, you kind of see the results of that. it looks like it's wet and it's not really as wet as it would be for our precipitation. but from the de icing agents they put down a brine solution that keeps the snow and whatever falls from the sky from freezing on the surface. as cars travel over it, that continue continues with the melting process. we might have a bit of a slick surface if you're driving. >> that was derrick ward in manassas. we're going to get that connection re-established and we'll be checking in with him again here throughout the morning. meanwhile, virgi
Dec 6, 2013 4:30am EST
post" reported the city's deputy mayor for economic development thought d.c. was eliminated from the competition. he thought the project needed too much land. gray told our tom sherwood the city will continue to build on poplar point. >>> happening today wall street will have an eye on washington as the government releases its jobs report for the month of november. many hope it will show the economy added 180,000 jobs last month. if that is the case many experts believe it could signal the job market is picking up speed. they expect it to dip to 7.2%. >>> also today security will be tight around parts of downtown washington as people from around the world watch the annual lighting of the national christmas tree. megan mcgrath is live with what you need to know. megan? >> reporter: well, eun, the big show gets under way at 5:00 tonight. there's a preshow that starts at 4:30 this afternoon. all-star lineup. mariah carey, aretha franklin, all performing as part of the show. now i'm joined by jennifer with the national park service. talk a little bit about this year's show and i shou
Dec 7, 2013 6:00am EST
and you can only get to arlington cemetery on a bus leaving the pentagon city station. you may have to wait as much as 20 minutes between the trains on all five lines. >>> this morning you have a new transit option if you're coming to or leaving d.c. starting today, you have the brand new option of using marc's trains on the weekend. let's say you want to visit baltimore's inner harbor or get to bwi but don't want to deal with all the traffic on the belt way. here's what you can do. you can board a train at union station and that service is now running nine round trips a day. that could get you from this area to pen station and midtown baltimore and anywhere in between. for a quick day trip, keep in mind you can get from d.c. to baltimore for about $7 and if you plan on catching a plane and flying, getting to the airport is a $6 trip and traveling is going to cost $5. if you have a weekly or monthly pass, we're good to go. all of this information is at nbc just search marc train at the homepage. >>> they flipped the switch but the fun is not over yet. why it's about
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8